Dry Erase White Board Paint Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to most questions can be found below. Please email us if your question is not answered.


The Paint
  • - The paint is transparent; you don’t have to worry about putting down a base color – it will take on the color of what is below it.
  • - Being a clear paint allows your area to take on any shape, size, and location that you want!
  • - Although permanent markers are not advised for use, they can be cleaned off of our surface with cleaner.
  • - Incredibly cost effective and unique dry erase solution.
  • - How well do dry erase whiteboard markers ease? See the video of dry erase whiteboard marker erasing here!


  • - Instructions can be found here: Instructions (pdf)
  • - Installation is easily accomplished by almost anyone. The paint can be easily applied to normal latex paint (of ANY color) using everyday painting techniques.
  • - Begin by ensuring area is clean.
  • - Lightly sand or level surface if smooth finish is desired (aids erasing).
  • - If needed, use a low adhesion painting tape to mask off areas that will not be painted (baseboards, light fixtures, etc).
  • - Apply paint using low lint roller (no primer needed), ensure adequate ventilation to area.
  • - Supplies to apply paint (full list in Instructions pdf) are readily available at any home improvement or building supply store. Total cost should be $15 to $25.
  • - Paint is dry to the touch in about 1 hour.
  • - Let dry for 72 hours before using markers.
  • - Begin using!


  • - Dry erase whiteboard markers are what works best, clean up can be accomplished with a regular dry erase whiteboard eraser or a dry cloth.
  • - Do not use “low odor” dry erase whiteboard markers as these have a tendency to produce stains or “ghosting” on any dry erase whiteboard surface.
  • - Be sure to replace dry erase whiteboard markers before tip becomes frayed or dried; these conditions could damage the paint.


  • - Our Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is formulated for best effects on regular latex paint, however other surfaces are be possible.
  • - Other surfaces that work well include: chalk boards, easels, windows, storage containers, and more.
  • - We recommend lightly sanding with a fine grit sandpaper and wiping to get a smooth surface before painting.
  • - Painting a “bumpy” surface may make erasing more difficult.
  • - Unique items and areas will be tested – check out the News section to see what we’ve been testing!
  • - Environmentally friendly – last years and nothing to throw away if you want to remove; just primer and paint over.


Resurfacing & Repairing Whiteboards
  • - Our Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be used to resurface worn out existing whiteboards.


Payment and Coupons
  • - Payment is handled through PayPal, no account needed.
  • - Coupons codes are displayed at checkout, after entering shipping and billing address.