White Board Paint



Clear white board paint for your walls, tables, and other creative surfaces.
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Lowest cost, highest quality dry erase whiteboard paint.

Do you want to turn any wall or other surface into an outlet for creativity, learning, and communication?

If you are looking to spend hundreds of dollars for fancy packaging, expensive advertising, and only a small amount of paint you may want to visit a different white board paint company! We specialize in high quality transparent whiteboard paint that is packaged for you to put it to immediate use and it is priced accordingly. Order your paint today.

If you want a large area for brainstorming, jotting down ideas, drawing up plans, or anything else that demands a large area white board surface then order your own whiteboard dry erase paint – you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

With our low odor clear dry erase white board paint you can make your house, office, or school walls dry erase whiteboard capable for a small fraction of the cost of a traditional whiteboard. For example, an 8 foot by 4 foot whiteboard from an office supply store could cost you up to $500! With our paint on whiteboard solution you can have a better surface, located anywhere you want, for a fraction of the price! Additionally, you don’t need to stop with walls – with the correct preparation you can make any exterior dry erase ready; use it on tables, ceilings, doors, and more. Our transparent and clear paint can also be used to refinish and resurface a worn whiteboard, chalkboard, or blackboard.

Installation is incredibly easy, see the FAQ for an overview of the process.

See the Dry Erase Whiteboard Products Section to purchase Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint products.


Begin Your Creative Dry Erase White Board Paint Project Now!


white board paint 4 feet by 8 feet Product

With our white board paint giving you a smooth finish anywhere you want you can begin transforming everyday areas into effective tools for creative flow, brainstorming, and communication at a great price – you won’t find a lower cost high quality dry erase paint.

Large Orders: For orders of 5 or more please contact us for a special discount.


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