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With clear and transparent dry erase whiteboard paint you can turn virtually anything you want into a huge whiteboard! No longer are you constrained by the amount of money you have to spend or the largest size carried by the local office supply store. When you are using our clear dry erase whiteboard paint you Continue Reading

Dry Erase Paint And You!

So – we’ve been coming across some pretty cool design ideas for the home (and office – if you have a cool office!). We’re also into the chalkboard paint idea we posted previously – we’ll probably try mixing up some of our own and give that a go. We found a cool post that describes Continue Reading

New downloads available

We recently wrote up a free style and considerations guide for dry erase painting – you can find it on our downloads page. We hope this helps some of you with applications and ideas for your painting. Enjoy!

Now shipping!

We’re happy to announce that we are now shipping and will be adding more photos, how-to’s, and ideas. Looking forward to hearing back from customers on what they have done so far!