Dry Erase Paint In The Kitchen

One of the great non-standard ideas for painting a wall with dry erase whiteboard paint is to use the paint to create a message board type area in the kitchen. If you have a wall or portion of a wall that is accessible in the kitchen, painting it with dry erase whiteboard paint can really provide the opportunity for some great use. Possible uses:

  • To-Do lists
  • Recipe area
  • Grocery list
  • Message board
  • Cooking brainstorming

  • We are looking forward to seeing some new kitchen uses, we think that a dual dry erase paint | chalkboard surface would be awesome to have in the kitchen…might be time to start looking for someone that wants to do this in their kitchen soon!

    Interested in doing this to your kitchen? Let us know; we love to provide samples for curious people looking to do unique work with dry erase whiteboard paint!

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