Dry Erase Wallpaper

An option that some people have shown interest in is dry erase wallpaper. This is slightly different from whiteboard paint in that there are products that come in rolls or sheets with an adhesive back that you can peel off and then stick to a wall or other surface. Below are a few of the pros and cons of these sheets as compared to whiteboard paint:


  • Dry erase wallpaper is ready to use once applied correctly
  • No mixing of materials necessary
  • Competitive price, depending on amount purchased



  • Can be difficult to apply – think of putting on a screen protector to your cellphone
  • Does not easily follow contours of textured walls
  • Depending on brand, may be difficult to remove without touch up to paint being necessary


Overall, if you are somewhere temporary or just need a medium sized whiteboard area, the wallpaper option is actually a decent way to go. While we obviously dry erase wallpaperadvocate and prefer whiteboard paint we know it doesn’t solve everyone’s problem in every situation. Probably the best use of dry erase wallpaper is for the times when you need to get a whiteboard surface up quickly, do not have time to wait for paint to cure, and do not want to spend the money on a more expensive “hard” whiteboard.

Have any of you used white board wallpaper? We’re interested to hear the results – what were the best and worst parts of installing and using it?


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