Dry Erase Whiteboard Crayons

Looking for something different from the standard dry erase whiteboard markers? Don’t like the odor associated with whiteboard markers? Maybe looking for something that the kids can use more often? You’ll likely be interested to hear that Crayola is making dry erase whiteboard crayons!

Dry erase whiteboard crayons

These dry erase whiteboard crayons have the same odorless composition as normal crayons – Crayola has changed the “recipe” to make them easier to use and erase on a whiteboard. The greatest part about these crayons is probably the ease of use.

    – There are no caps to remember to put on – so no drying out of the markers
    – They come in a pack and are very affordable
    – No odor
    – Erase mitt comes with the crayons

Besides use in the home or office, these whiteboard crayons would make a great addition to a preschool through high school classroom that was equipped with a dry erase whiteboard surface.

Any other great uses that you can think of? Let us know!

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  1. Yas

    Yes, a dried-out dry-erase mreakr sounds like a oxymoron. But if you’re in a meeting, standing in front of a bunch of kids in a classroom, or just trying to draw a cat for your favorite preschooler, having a pen that doesn’t work can be inconvenient and annoying.No more drynessSo how can you refresh, revive and otherwise reinvigorate your favorite whiteboard mreakr?We have five solutions for you, presented in order from easiest to hardest.1) Put the cap securely on your mreakr, and store the pen tip-down for at least 24 hours. Gravity should help drive remaining ink downwards.2) Solidly cap your pen, then tape a string to the bottom of your dry-erase mreakr and spin it around like a lasso. You’re using physics to help resuscitate your pen: centrifugal force will drive what’s left of the ink to the tip of the pen. Depending on how dry the mreakr is, you will need anywhere from a few swings to a lot more. Check it every few swings, and watch for ink drips! (Also be sure the secured top of the dry-erase is on the far end, or else you’ll instead force the lingering ink to the bottom of the mreakr.)3) With a pair of pliers, gently remove the mreakr’s tip and turn it around. This should give you ink to use right away, and hopefully revive the pen’s flow.4) If your mreakr is not water-based, briefly dab the pen’s tip in acetone or plain nail polish remover. Cover and store bottom-down to let the solvent soak in before using. After using an additive like the acetone, be sure to test the mreakr in an inconspicuous place on your whiteboard to be sure it doesn’t damage anything.5) With some needle-nose pliers, open the bottom of the non-water-based pen, and add a few drops of acetone or nail polish remover to the ink chamber. (.) Again, test the mreakr in an inconspicuous place on your to be sure it doesn’t damage your whiteboard.Care and feeding of dry-erase mreakrsSo how can you keep your whiteboard markets happy? First, always cap your pen tightly when not in use. Then,a0 suggests storing dry-erase pens horizontally. Finally, use these mreakrs only on whiteboards don’t use them on paper.

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