Low Odor Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

When painting in the home, office, or classroom, the odor from the paint is important. If the paint has a very strong smell to it you need to be sure that the area is properly ventilated. In some cases paint fumes can result in headaches and other

low odor whiteboard paint smell

Other paint’s odors can be awful!

bad symptoms. Getting low odor (sometimes referred to as low VOC) paint can be a necessity for some and can make things much more pleasant for the rest of us.

With our dry erase whiteboard paint the smell is almost non-existent. The water based formulation helps to keep odors to a minimum and won’t have your space cleared out for days after application.

If you do use a high odor paint you need to consider many ventilation issues:

  • Are there windows in the area that can be opened to provide fresh air?
  • Will the windows provide air movement through the painting space?
  • Do you need fans to promote air movement?
  • Will a mask or respirator be needed?
  • How long will the smell linger after painting?
  • Will the odor move to other areas?
  • Will the smell affect other people in the area?


We recommend using our low odor paint – it’s a good way to sidestep any issues that arise with others whiteboard paints that have a strong and noxious smell. This whiteboard paint has been used in small homes, offices, and other enclosed spaces with no issues due to odor. As always, we recommend some ventilation while painting as a general safety measure.

In addition, our transparent whiteboard paint dries quickly – it’s ready to use in just a couple of days after application!



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