Will It Erase? Part 1!

In the interest of continuous product testing, and fun, we’re going to be apply the Surface Solutions Dry Erase Paint to some unusual surfaces from time to time in order to see just what types of surfaces we can make dry erase capable. The paint is formulated for best effect on latex painted walls, but we know it can do more!

Without further ado, the first installment of Will It Erase stars a nice shoebox! We applied two coats to the top of the box and began our test.

Will It Erase?

The first bit of good news? The writing went on smooth and actually looked pretty good!

But…will it erase???

Yes it does! We’re not sure that using dry erase markers on the tops of shoe boxes is the next big thing, but now you know!

Shoe box Dry Erase Success!

If you have any ideas for surfaces for us to paint and try, send us an email or leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Jeney

    Could you paint the surface of a desk? How slick would it be?

  2. Surface Solutions

    Good idea! We’ll take a look at getting a desk that we can paint. Most of the time it’s about surface preparation – you want to paint on a surface that has a little roughness to it so the paint will stick, but nothing too bumpy or absorbing.

    Hope we can do this soon – having a dry erase desk could be really fun and helpful!

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